Cancellation and Refunds

We will issue refunds after investigating them on a case-by-case basis. We will take into consideration things such as other complaints received or other customers’ comments. If an issued refund is for a recurring billing, we will only refund the most recent payment. A refund for a recurring billing will result in an immediate cancellation of our services. A refund of fees for any nonrecurring service will also result in the immediate termination of access of the service. In the event that you disagree with any charge made to your account, you agree to contact us with a view to resolving the dispute prior to making a formal notification to your credit card company. You must contact us either by email, stating your reasons for dispute of the charge. This will enable us to accurately and promptly assess your complaint and – where justified – credit your card with the disputed amount in a timely manner to avoid any further inconvenience to you.